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The Mission

Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) helps transform cities to benefit the millions who lack access to water and sanitation across Asia and Africa. Water is a basic necessity for most of the Western world and can be a crisis in some cities of developing countries. Already, nearly 900 million urban residents have no choice but to live in low-income communities – poorly built, often illegal settlements which usually do not have running water or clean sanitation facilities. Since cities will be the future habitat for many in developing countries, it is critical to invest in basic services and infrastructure. This is the purpose behind WSUP’s mission.

WSUP Business Report image

The Outcome

Publications, reports and communications are powerful tools in presenting important information. Its crucial for the important content of these to be carefully aligned with a cohesive design. There needs to be synergy with the overall branding of the company or organisation.

We worked closely with the communications team at WSUP to design their 5 year Business Plan. This publication went on to be a ‘roadmap’, setting out the vision and goals of the organisation and he steps it will take towards achieving these goals, which all centre around the United Nation Global Goals.

“Count Creation is an excellent design studio and we have benefited from its expertise for many years.”

Steve Metcalfe, Head of Partnerships & Communications, WSUP

This Business Plan will be a tool which WSUP will use over the coming years to help solidifiing their intent, values and mission. The initial discussions helped to provide clarity and insight into what needed to be achieved from this tool. This allowed us to design a tool that visually positioned the information in a clear, informative way, in line with the visual branding or WSUP. The final document was printed and made available on the WSUP website to download.

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