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Count Creation is a design and brand studio based in London. We work with businesses, organisations and individuals, helping them to excel.


Graphic Design
Build a great brand

Design can have a huge impact on the way that consumers engage with your brand. Consumers want to engage with a trustworthy brand and design can play a key role in developing that trust.

What are your requirements? We can develop solutions that ‘count’

Design solutions: Logo/Brand Design & Development, Print Design, Promotional Design, Digital Design for Web and Email Marketing

Digital Design
Websites to get you online

There are a number of ways why you should consider a website for your product/service, business or organisation.


A professional website can help to reinforce your brand and ensure that consumers can find out about you any time of the day.


Through a website, you can help to inform a global audience by giving them access to information through text, image and video.

Digital Marketing
Promoting your brand online

The world of digital marketing has opened up many possibilities to engage with audiences globally. Gone are the days when a simple advert in a newspaper attracts your audience.


Multiple channels and paths can be strategically considered to make sure the an effective plan can be created to generate the right leads.


We can help you capture your audience

Photography that ‘Counts’

Great photography will reinforce your brand presence. We can provide high quality portrait photography and corporate event photography.


Use photography to strengthen your online and offline communications. For example, use them for high-quality brochure design through to a website and online social media platforms.


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Our experience is cross platform - print, photography, digital.


A simple design process...
1. Touch Base
We want to get to know you

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2. Discover
Let's learn more

After an initial conversation we can meet to discover more details of your projects and requirements.

3. Create
Where the magic happens

At this stage we have all of the details we need and we can then get down to creating some great solutions.

4. Launch
Let the world know

Once the project is complete, lets launch it. Work can then start on the next project.



Discovering and learning about the latest trends
LBC – Logo Identity Redesign and Repositioning

LBC is a London based exterior cleaning company. In addition to their exterior cleaning, they provide professional bin cleaning to a number of homes and commercial clients across London. They

Designing for London Bin Cleaning

Recent winners of the Harrow Business Den, London Bin Cleaning provide a range of cleaning and pressure washing solutions across London. The business has a focus on regular bin cleaning

Design for Stop Slavery Hotel Industry Network

Stop Slavery Hotel Industry Network is an initiative which is being spearheaded by Shiva Foundation; an organisation who’s aim is to end human trafficking and slavery. The aim of this

What are the values of a ‘Brand’?

As technologies emerge and evolve, brands are looking for new, innovative ways to connect and engage with their consumers. There are some fundamental practices which should be followed to ensure

Which brands are embracing digital in a big way?

Red Bull Used to be just a drinks brand, now it’s seen as more of an ‘extreme sports’ brand. Digital content has changed over the last few years and Red

Why have Brands?

Amit attended a talk by Shuvo Saha Director of, Google Digital Academy, London. Saha provided insights into the way ‘brands’ have embraced change with the introduction of digital. He touched



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