Establish a Brand Identity system, messaging and visual design in 90-days

The Brand Design Roadmap is a comprehensive and exciting design process that guides businesses and organisations in developing a cohesive and impactful look, feel, and visual brand.

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Phase 1.0 – Discover:
Establish the need for Brand Identity

Together, we will identify the importance of developing strong visual brand identity for your organisation. Through sessions and worksheets, together, we will explore purpose around the business or organisation and what it is looking to do.

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Phase 2.0 – Define:
Creating the Look, Feel & Identity

We will finalise your ‘Positioning Statement’ from the ‘Establish’ workshop session in 1.0. With this foundation, we will then take you through a visual brand design process exploring brand identity, colour, typography and define the design style to create a functional brand identity.

Phase 3.0 – Deliver:
Bringing Your Brand Identity to Life

Upon finalising your brand identity, we will design crucial brand assets for your organisation, along with creating a comprehensive Brand Style Guide. During our ‘Deliver Brand Workshop,’ together, we will identify vital touchpoints and opportunities and categorising them into short, medium, and long-term objectives for your brand.

“This process was instrumental in our technology company’s recent rebranding and evolution journey. Amit took us through the process that provided us with a step-by-step guidance. We’ve been able to integrate our new brand identity and design across our website and communications.”

Dillan Shikotra
Partner, Microtech Digital

“After winning an award for our product, we got to understand the importance of visual design to build a brand around. The brand design guidance was invaluable and we are happy with the way our design shaped up! This was the platform to then design our website and visual communications.”

Mariae Hackett
Founder, Dapur Mariae

Highly recommended service!! A personal touch to brand designing. Thank you for taking me on this amazing journey of building my brand’s identity through your process and eye for detail. It started off as a simple vision which you have helped transform to life by giving my brand the “look and feel” it truly needed.

Rakesh Jivan
Founder, TaskDoctor

What is included?

  • Deep-Dive Workshops: Embark on a creative journey through two immersive workshops that unearth the essence of your brand

  • Get Clear on Brand Positioning: We craft Positioning and Brand Statements tailored specifically for your brand

  • Versatile Brand Identity: We design your Brand Identity and deliver a range of versions and formats, poised for future growth and adaptation

  • Striking Visual Assets: Captivating stationery and social media design, backed by a cohesive overall design approach

  • Comprehensive Brand Style Guide: Navigate the branding landscape confidently with a comprehensive ‘Brand Style Guide,’ to ensure consistent and effective brand usage

  • Holistic Brand Understanding: Engage in collaborative exercises that shed light on your current brand touchpoints and reveal exciting opportunities for the future

The Cake Solution

Use the Brand Design Roadmap to help build brand

  • Build credibility and trust – a well-designed visual brand creates credibility and trust among donors, stakeholders, and the audience

  • Enhance your recognition – consistent brand identity and visual design help the audience to recognise and remember the organisation

  • Facilitate your communication and messaging – simplifying communication and being consistent can make it easier for the audience to understand and engage

  • Foster a sense of ‘community’ – a strong brand creates a sense of community and belonging amongst teams, stakeholders and audiences. This goes on to increase their engagement and support

  • Differentiation – stand out from the crowd. Become memorable in the minds of an audience

Some questions and answers

Our process isn’t just about a logo; it’s about shaping your brand’s look, feel, and identity. The Brand Design Roadmap is your compass for crafting a compelling and cohesive brand design, aligning it with the values and goals that matter most to you. Consider this as an invaluable investment in your business or organisation.

Our goal is to work with you through the process within 90 days, ensuring a focused and efficient journey.

We recommend involving owners, key stakeholders and team members, including management and individuals from various departments like marketing, communications.

We employ project management tools to seamlessly guide you through the process. You’ll get acquainted with these tools early on, and we will also make use of email communication while arranging weekly check-ins to review progress.

You will have a clear, well-thought-out Positioning and Brand Statement for your organisation. You will be clearer on your vision and purpose.

You will have a final brand identity along with future versions and formats, a Brand Style Guide, visual assets, and know what the design of your essential communication materials need to look like.

At the end of the process, we’ll discuss anything further you might need to grow your brand.

Limited Availability

At the start of each month, we take on three new Brand Design Roadmap clients.

Once these slots are filled, any new and confirmed projects are then moved to start the following month.

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