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Their vital work helps to improve lives and make the world a better place.

Use brand & design to support and amplify your organisations work.

What is the Brand Design Roadmap?

The Brand Design Roadmap was created to help organisations to establish their brand identity, messaging, and visual design, in 90 days. The process expertly sets out a clear plan for developing a compelling look, feel, and personality of an organisation and it’s visual brand.

Branding is more than the visuals and design

Strategy – An overarching approach to the visual brand design of the organisation, guiding its direction, medium and long-term goals.

Visual Identity – The visual representation of the brand, including its look, feel, and personality, captured through design elements like logos, colour schemes, and typography carefully crafted.

Equity – How the audience identifies and perceives the brand, including its reputation, credibility, and value in their minds.

Audience – Understanding your target audience in depth, including their demographics, needs, and preferences, to tailor your brand messaging and experiences accordingly.

Promise – The commitment and value proposition your brand makes to its audience, showcasing what they can expect and rely on.

Experience – Creating memorable and meaningful experiences for your audience through interactions, both online and offline, that align with your brand’s values and promise.

Story – Crafting a compelling narrative that communicates your brand’s history, purpose, and unique selling points to engage and resonate with your audience.

Purpose – Exploring and defining the core reason behind your brand’s existence, its values, and the positive impact it aims to make in the world.

Positioning – Determining where your organisation stands in relation to competitors, highlighting your unique selling points and differentiation factors.

Values – Articulating the guiding principles and beliefs that shape your brand’s culture and decision-making processes.

Assets – Leveraging various marketing channels, both traditional and digital, to promote your brand and engage with your target audience effectively.

Voice – Establishing a consistent tone of voice that reflects your brand’s personality, and values, and resonates with your audience across all communication channels.

Loyalty – Develop strategies to cultivate loyalty among your audience, fostering long-term relationships and brand advocacy.

Community – Encouraging your audience to come together, fostering a sense of belonging and creating a community around your brand.

Content – Creating valuable and relevant content that aligns with your brand’s messaging, values, and audience needs.

Culture – Building a brand culture that aligns with your values, influencing internal operations, and attracting like-minded audiences and stakeholders

Personality – Infusing the brand with a distinctive personality that sets it apart and makes it relatable to the audience.

Messaging – Crafting compelling and consistent messages that are able to convey the brand’s story, values, and key benefits to resonate with your audience.

Why is visual brand design matters for your brand…

Strategy session image

How to:

  • Create visual brand and design through a set process within 90 days

  • Feel at ease through a branding process that is step by step to lead you towards the goal

  • Learn and gain insight into the benefits of investing in brand design

  • Find the balance of creative and practical approaches to your brand identity

  • Understand your audience and create brand and designed for them

Design sketch


  • Establish Positioning Statement
  • Brand Identity and design

  • Design key assets, stationery and communication

  • Develop Brand Style Guide

  • Understand your current & future brand touchpoints

  • Roadmap to implement and launch the visual brand and design

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