‘Brands’ are embracing change

Gone are the days where communication design was just about print.

Brands are successfully embracing important tools for marketers, strategists and creatives, which are constantly changing on a regular basis.

‘Brands’ have to function differently with digital technology and almost every industry will go through some disruption as the world changes.

Why do brands exist?

Offers differentiation: brands are able to shape the way in which consumers see them

Allows an opportunity to build ‘trust’ with the consumer: it is important to build trust and this takes time. Rarely does trust get built overnight. Good communication through a brand’s online and digital media channels will help to build trust and likability

Helps to build the ‘identity’: allows companies to stand out and set trends and innovate within their industry

What to consider

Value: a strong brand identity or logo with purpose can warrant a bigger value of a product

Brand mission: developing a mission provides an opportunity to increase awareness and trust with consumers