If branding is done in the right way, it can help you to connect to the world.

The concept of branding is not new and with constant shifts in today’s digital world, it’s important to stay ahead of the trend. It’s important to think locally, but the potential market is no longer local, it’s global. Branding comes down to a number of things.

It’s not only about the logo, mark, typeface, colours or imagery being used. It goes way beyond this and being aware allows for better branding choices, helping to reinforce the brand and better connect with the potential international audience.

How can brands think and design for a global market?

The internet has changed everything. Within the space of just a few years, we now have the ability to set up an e-commerce website and business within days. Platforms provided by companies such as Amazon and Ebay open up a whole new market to sell products globally. Even if your plan is to appeal to just a local market, international recognition and appeal is not out of the question.

Why does branding matter?

Whether you are an established company with a really strong brand and a healthy following, or a small startup with a unique product or service, it’s important that the values and personality of the brand shine through. What is the gut feeling or an association that you want your tribe to lock into when they think or interact with you and your brand?

Does that association meet the need of a global audience? Does it matter?

Whether it does or not, it’s useful to have an awareness of the impact that a branding decision could have, outside of your audience.

Something which is seen as ‘standard’ service in one country, could be seen as ‘premium’ one in another. Decisions should be tailored to help break down barriers and make it as easy as possible for customers to connect and embrace the brand.

Brand challenges

Culture plays a huge role when thinking globally. Being aware of any cultural sensitivities is huge and large companies such as IKEA, Lego and McDonalds would carry out months or even years of research and development before even thinking about entering a new market.

Developing awareness and research is vital and it could mean the difference between success or failure in a new, unknown market.

Think ahead, think wider

Thinking globally definitely comes with challenges but developing and nurturing a brand in the right way, across multiple touch points can help to facilitate the foundation for success in the years ahead.

Maintaining a good awareness of trends and fashions on a local level really helps. With the internet, its also possible to gain a sense of awareness globally and understanding the constant shifts will help to make better choices for the brand.

It’s difficult to appeal to everyone and everything, but if meet the demands of your audience, you will set yourself up for success.