Understanding the impact and opportunity that ‘digital’ provides is key in today’s online world.

There are a number of brands which are using their digital platforms creatively and successfully to help shape experiences and increase the connection that they have with their consumers. Having a digital strategy and using the tools available will help to bridge the gap.

Red Bull

Red Bull used to be just a drinks brand. Today, it’s seen as more of an ‘extreme sports’ experience brand and heavy investment into their digital content strategy has allowed them to become a publisher of media and a ‘media brand’. As digital technology changes and content shaped with this in mind, it enables them to reach out to an audience which goes beyond the energy drink consumer.


O2 was a company formerly known as BT Cellnet. The rebranded O2 carved out a whole new look, feel and style in a bid to appeal to more of a mass market. Primarily a ‘telecommunications’ provider, but have also evolved into a ‘knowledge base’.

Through their online and digital channels, they help people across their technology life cycle questions and queries, becoming an authority in technology through their YouTube channel.

Under Armour

Under Armour, mainly known for its sports clothing now uses technology to improve the performance of sports enthusiasts and athletes in its tribe. It has done this though developing and creating gadgets and technology which help people optimise and bring out the best in their training.

They have changed their positioning in the market by embracing and understanding the benefit of performance that digital technology can bring.

We can start to see the trends that brands are setting as technology evolves. Education plays a huge role in engaging with audiences and allows them to take confidence bold steps going forward as trends, fashions and desires change over time.