Brand Discovery

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Each business has a unique story to tell.

What’s yours?

With any business, product or service, it’s vital to understand the goals, expectations and aspirations.

By engaging with our clients and their stakeholders, we unearth and understand the pain points, purpose and passion which allows us to develop a plan that not only addresses the needs, but exceed expectation.

The Design Discovery is a collaborative process with brand owners to which helps to create a clear vision and roadmap for the brand.

Exciting, engaging and collaborative sessions allow us to beyond the logo and really define what makes you unique.

Together, we gain clarity and better align the design direction, to the company, delivering the right solution to move forward for you and your business.

The questions that lead to solutions
We take a curious approach with Design Discovery. We determine the customer profiles, personas and archetypes. We look at brand attributes of the business, craft a brand statement and establish what work needs to be done to achieve the goals defined.

Exceed the goals of your business and create a plan of action.

“Discovery was great and we had lots of ‘aha moments’. We think more broader about what we need to do as a business and meet the needs of our audience. The design that followed was aligned to how we needed to be positioned as a business.”

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