A curry sauce that encourages its customers to ‘mix-it-up’.


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The Curry Connoisseur

The Mission

The Curry Connoisseur’s Leicester based Founder, Jay, for many years was frustrated with the range of Indian curry sauces available on the UK market that claimed to be authentic. Born in Kenya and being of Indian origin, Jay spent decades perfecting his culinary skills and passion for food. His mission is to help UK curry fans ‘mix-it-up’ and become the ‘connoisseur’ of their Indian curry creation. Selecte the choice of veg or non-veg and add in the carefully crafted sauce just at the right moment.

The Curry Connoisseur

The Outcome

The Curry Connoisseur concept needed to be brought to life. Direction was required to visually represent the brand and allow for a confident launch of the business and the sauces. After initial conversations, we ran a number of sessions with the founder and stakeholders to help build up a picture of the company, its brand values and how it wanted to be positioned. Throughout this strategic process, we also explored customer personas to build a better picture of what needed to be done to meet the needs of the audience. Gaining this clarity and insight allowed us to translate it  into a visual representation of the brand. We crafted a strong brand identity system and visual design assets for the company. The business needed a strong online presence, as well as an e-commerce platform to allow the product range to be sold and distributed across the UK.

“After some great feedback from friends and family, we managed to finalise some great tasting sauces. We nailed down our recipe and were keen to now make this concept a reality. Some might say that launching in a lock down was a bad idea, but this allowed us to think outside the box. We’re really pleased to get to this stage in our journey.”

Jay, Founder, The Curry Connoisseur

The attributes which we identified were used as a springboard to help shape the look and feel of the logo, packaging, touchpoints and online presence. All of which will play a vital role in creating engagement and raising the profile of these ‘mix-it-up’ sauces.
This visual identity and design system will form the foundation of The Curry Connoisseur’s journey.

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