Combatting ‘Modern Slavery’ within the hospitality industry.


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The Mission

Today, there is increasing awareness of ‘Modern Slavery’ and the impact that it has globally. The UK based organisation, Shiva Foundation, which is part of the Shiva Hotels group had a vision of establishing a network to boost ethical recruitment and root out abuse, promote responsible supply chains and tackle sex trafficking within the hospitality industry. No easy task. The mission was to help establish a strong, professional presence and identity, to help highlight these issues, bringing them to the forefront of the hospitality sector.

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The Outcome

There is no one set path to take when establishing a presence. A key element is the brand identity, the which forms the ‘face’ of the organisation. A brand identity was developed which was able to work across a range of print, digital media communications and other relevant touch-points that were required. ‘Brand loyalty’ is extremely important for a network addressing these issues and this was highlighted early on. A website experience was designed and developed as part of the online strategy. This went on to act as a ‘hub’ or space for a range of resources related to modern slavery. A series of infographics and report communications were also created as part of the overall strategy.

Responsive website design and development

“We required a great deal of design support on the creation of a new brand, website and materials for a new, multi-stakeholder network we set up to address modern slavery risk in the hospitality industry. Responding to the need, a strong brand presence and website was created. All aspects had to be signed off on by a number of key stakeholders and were completed with great attention to detail and communication.”

Sian Lea, Managing Director of Shiva Foundation

The network grew out of a round table held by Shiva Foundation and the Thomson Reuters Foundation when international hotel brands, independent hotel owners, and management companies came together to discuss the challenges the hotel sector faces in eradicating various forms of exploitation at all levels of the industry. Early discussions helped to set a roadmap for what would be required to set the foundations and the outcome from each of these requirements developed, allowed for a strong for things to come and really help to spearhead this important, global issue.

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