Delivering high-quality brownie treats to homes and businesses throughout the UK.


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The Mission

Today, with the power of technology and the internet, we have the ability to order and send an array of gifts to anyone around the world, within days. London based, Letterbox Brownies is a company that supplies high-quality brownie treats directly to homes and businesses throughout the UK. To help lay the foundations, develop clarity, branding and design assets, Letterbox Brownies would need to establish its brand identity. Along with this it would need to consider the short, medium and long term vision for the future to successfully enter the competitive online gifting market.

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The Outcome

We worked closely with Founder, Teresa Faley across her design strategy to help gain the clarity and surface insights to move forward. We identified the key attributes of her company, allowing us to fully understand the offering. This formed a critical element of the entire branding process. Through the design process, we developed a strong brand identity, various business and packaging assets and marketing communications to form the visual direction of the business.

“I was looking to go through the branding process to develop the logo design and brand identity.

Following a couple of great discovery sessions, we worked out exactly what my brand stood for and what we wanted to do to establish the visual brand.”

Teresa Faley, Founder, Letterbox Brownies UK

Understanding the offering and value that the client is bringing to the world is crucial. Researching and asking the right questions allows for the branding and design process to be a seamless one. The visual brand identity centered around the essence of the brand and the attributes we identified as well as the personality behind the brand. We then extend the visual design across packaging and marketing communications to create a family of consistent design assets. Letterbox Brownies went on to win an award in London for their food gifting concept.

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