Evolution of brand, design and strategy of an established bakery business in the Midlands

The Cake Solution (formerly known as The Cheesecake Shop) is a popular bakery and dessert company based in the Midlands. After a buyout, new leadership aimed to modernize the brand while maintaining the quality and loyal customer base established over the past 20 years.

Count Creation was engaged to contribute to this rebranding initiative. The scope of work included brand strategy, positioning, messaging, identity, and visual brand design. The task was to steer a seamless evolution of the brand and design into ‘The Cake Solution’. With an existing customer base, it was critical to consider these stakeholders throughout the process.

Early on, we began by defining a clear brand strategy through collaborative sessions. We explored the positioning of The Cake Solution: what it meant to its existing customers and how it would move forward. With eight stores across the Midlands, it was important for the new brand and identity to stand alone while boldly embodying the core values of service and quality.

Our brand strategy involved working closely with members of the senior leadership team to understand their extensive experience. This insight was crucial in shaping the story and direction of The Cake Solution.

We focused on the diversity of the product offering, which includes classic, traditional cheesecakes, cakes inspired by various cultures, and custom cakes frequently requested by customers. Given the physical stores across the Midlands, we also considered the entire customer experience, including lunch, savory, and drinks offerings, as well as the in-store atmosphere and service.

The Cake Solution is a modern dessert company with a passion for providing high-quality handcrafted cakes. This new positioning aimed to attract a broader audience while maintaining the brand’s commitment to quality, innovation, and creating memorable moments and experiences.

Messaging centered around the theme ‘For every occasion’, which became a key element of the brand identity. These messages were crafted to resonate with both existing and new potential customers.

Versatility was a crucial factor in the brand identity design. This identity needed to be adaptable across multiple platforms, touchpoints, and applications, including the website, digital platforms, packaging, posters, and in-store signage.

The Cake Solution effectively communicates its values through its store design and the service it provides. The design identity and strategic messaging connect with both their existing customer base and a broader audience looking to celebrate special occasions. Future communications will reinforce the brand’s commitment to quality, taste, and service.

A cohesive design system was developed, exploring typographical treatments, colors, photography, and design styles. After initial exploration, iteration, and confirmation, this design approach was implemented across various areas. These included branded packaging, promotional materials, updated storefront design, signage, and TV screens, all optimized to showcase product offers and more.

Clarifying unique challenges and opportunities early on through brand strategy helped shape a future design approach and identity that reflect the quality of service The Cake Solution aims to provide with each handcrafted cake. The company will continue to build on its strong design and brand identity foundation, aiming to improve the quality of its offerings and expand its product range to appeal to new and future consumers.