Furthering brand strategy, evolving brand identity, website experience, marketing design and launch video.

NMBLR is a cutting-edge strategy tool specifically crafted for progressive Biotech and Pharma companies to address real commercial challenges. Designed to help companies navigate complex market dynamics, NMBLR offers bespoke solutions tailored to the unique needs of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. The brand was launched at the London Biotechnology Show, where it gained significant attention for its innovative approach.

Count Creation, with BrandSpectra engaged with NMBLR to develop brand strategy, evolve identity, craft a marketing website and conceptualise and produce a launch video. Our collaboration aimed to carve out a distinct path for NMBLR’s market entry, ensuring a strong and impactful debut at the London Biotechnology Show.

Our work with NMBLR began with in-depth discussions to thoroughly understand their product, mission, values, and unique differentiators. We engaged closely with NMBLR’s founder and leadership team to capture, collaboratively, the essence of NMBLR. We looked at harnessing the years of knowledge and experience within the sector that would go on to provide a platform that addresses commercial challenges with better precision and innovation for collaboration.

Strategic Approach & Design
We refined the existing identity to better resonate with NMBLR’s target audience. This involved exploring and updating the visual look and feel of colour palettes and themes, gradients, typography system and developing imagery to reflect the scientific and strategic nature of the brand.

We established a digital home for NMBLR. This included the design and development a user-friendly website. The website offered a seamless user experience, intuitive navigation and rich content and media to communicate NMBLR’s value proposition.

Marketing & Launch Video
To support NMBLR’s market entry, a range of marketing materials and digital assets were designed. Each piece maintained consistency to ensure that NMBLR’s brand message was clear and compelling across all touchpoints.

The launch video was another critical element of the overall strategy. It was designed and produced to introduce NMBLR to the world and give an insight into the ‘ripple effect’ that the tool can have within teams. The video formed a key feature of the exhibition stand at the London Biotechnology Show.

Early brand strategy discussions helped shape the evolved identity and get clarity. The goal was to build a cohesive visual identity, combined with strategic marketing materials and a thoughtfully designed website. Positioning NMBLR as a leader in the biotech and pharma sectors was a significant milestone and the London Biotechnology Show was a perfect platform to stamp the strong presence NMBLR can have within the sector.

Count Creation with BrandSpectra plans to provide NMBLR with ongoing advisory across design and brand to ensure alignment with market changes and goals. The evolution of NMBLR’s brand identity and digital presence has significantly enhanced its ability to engage with stakeholders and address the commercial challenges faced by biotech and pharma companies