Rebrand of an established UK technology company looking to build a presence in Dubai

Microtech is a certified Microsoft Partner that leads technology solutions across the UK, providing IT Support, Software Licensing and Cybersecurity solutions. They specialise in innovative IT transformations for businesses across various industries. Microtech was established over 30 years ago. With new leadership came a decision to redefine its brand identity and elevate its digital presence. The leadership team collaborated with Count Creation to seek a comprehensive overhaul, enhancing their market positioning and effectively communicating their cutting-edge IT solutions.

Microtech encompassed a holistic approach to their redesign, which began with exploratory workshops to understand who they are, their core values, business objectives and their differentiating factor. Our scope of work included the development of a new brand identity, design of print and digital materials, complete website redesign and experience.

Microtech has been at the forefront of technology innovation, serving several clients across the UK. They provide tailored IT solutions to drive business growth. With the expansion to Dubai, we found that there is a commitment to continuous improvement and a keen eye on future trends. Their brand identity had to reflect this aspiration and forward-thinking approach.

We began by defining Microtech Digital’s value proposition, focusing on its ability to “Simplify IT to amplify your business”. This central theme guided our creative process, ensuring each design element and communication strategy aligned with their vision.

Brand, Design & Identity
Microtech’s brand identity captures its innovative spirit with a sleek and modern logo that symbolises progress and connectivity, integral to their services. The visual identity was designed to be versatile while maintaining consistency across all platforms, from their website to printed materials and trade show exhibits.

Count Creation developed a range of print and digital materials to support the new brand identity. Everything from business cards to brochures and marketing materials was crafted with a cohesive look and feel that resonated with their target audience.

The website redesign was a critical component of the project. We focused on creating a user-friendly, visually appealing, and highly functional website that showcases Microtech’s services, training, and expertise. Key features included a clean layout, intuitive navigation, and responsive design to enhance the user experience. The website has become the ‘digital home’ for informing and attracting their audience.

The transformation of Microtech brand identity and digital presence has positioned it as a leader in the technology space. The new visual identity, comprehensive marketing materials, and thoughtful website showcase the power of a well-defined brand strategy and cohesive design. By understanding Microtech’s unique challenges and opportunities, we helped shape a look and feel that supports their aspirations for the future as a leading technology brand.