Establishing visual design to help raise awareness and tackle critical issues

The Hertfordshire Modern Slavery Partnership is a collaborative initiative that brings together over 100 statutory and non-statutory partners from across Hertfordshire. This multi-agency group includes representatives from Hertfordshire County Council, the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office for Hertfordshire, Shiva Foundation, Hertfordshire Constabulary, District & Borough Councils, NHS Trusts, charities, government agencies, and more. Established to combat human trafficking and modern slavery, the Partnership aims to raise awareness, share information, and ensure a robust and consistent approach to tackling these critical issues. Their work is overseen by the Police & Crime Commissioner’s Community Safety Board (CSB).

Shiva Foundation approached Count Creation to develop the brand identity, graphic and editorial design for the Partnership. We later developed a comprehensive brand strategy and website experience. The goal was to create a cohesive visual and digital presence that reflects their commitment to combating modern slavery and human trafficking in Hertfordshire.

Our collaboration began with understanding the Partnership’s mission, strategic objectives, and the impact of their work. This was crucial in identifying their needs and aligning our creative direction with their vision.

Bringing Strategy & Design together
We developed a brand identity that embodies the Partnership’s dedication to combating modern slavery. The brand identity and visual identity symbolize unity and action. We created the idea of ‘links’ to shape a strong visual recognition and impact that later formed a bold graphic across communications.

To support the brand identity, we developed a range of graphic and editorial materials, including brochures, reports, and informational guides. Each piece was crafted with a cohesive look and feel, ensuring consistency in all communications.

The UX and UI design focused on creating an intuitive and engaging user experience. This platform would become a resource that makes information easily accessible to various stakeholders, from law enforcement to community members. The design incorporated clear navigation, informative content, and responsive design to ensure accessibility across all devices. The website serves as a vital tool for raising awareness, sharing information, and coordinating efforts across different agencies.

The Hertfordshire Modern Slavery Partnership’s brand identity, design, and digital presence have significantly enhanced their ability to communicate their mission and engage with stakeholders. The visual identity, combined with comprehensive digital and print materials, has strengthened their position. By understanding the unique challenges and opportunities, Count Creation helped shape a brand and digital presence that supports their vital work and future aspirations.